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Real-Time Filmmaking

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FEature Film TRusted

Whether it is capturing digital doubles or retargeting fantastical creatures live in camera, Animatrik is the trusted partner to deliver when it gets critical.



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Video Game Production is demanding the absolute highest quality making Animatrik the trusted partner of choice.



Emerging technology has arrived

VR and AR applications have entered the market. The interactive marriage of film and games are leveraging Animatrik to ensure their success.



Animatrik was founded with the express purpose of providing the most up-to-date and efficient stage and location-based Virtual Production services. When your project requires capture of actors and cameras for CGI integration, Animatrik is your first choice.


Performance Capture

Animatrik couples industry-leading hardware and software to deliver a state-of-the-art body and face capture pipeline. Meaning you get highest-grade data, fast – saving time and money.


Camera Tracking

Using our simul-cam systems, Cinematographers can simultaneously visualize CG and live action, ensuring the final VFX sequence will have the exact blocking, timing and rhythm that you’re looking for.



Animatrik operates the largest independent motion capture stage in North America. With studios located in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, we’re able to serve all your virtual production needs from within the world’s largest entertainment hubs. And when Vancouver or Los Angeles aren’t an option, our mobile team can come to you.




Animatrik’s headquarters ; the facility features a 10,000sq ft purpose built sound stage and 5,000 sq ft of support space.

Los angeles


Animatrik LA operates at NantStudio – a state-of-the-art sound stage facility with 17,000 sf of purpose-built space for both traditional and virtual production.

onset anywhere


Animatrik has extensive experience with on-location and in-situ performance capture.  We can deliver in the most challenging conditions.