Animatrik Issue a 'Break the System' Challenge

Animatrik has the largest independent motion capture stage in North America. As such, we are able to capture motion data for any number of individuals at any given time. In a test of the LEI/Giant system last month, Animatrik invited a touring group of high school students to try and ‘Break the System’.

 Always looking to push the limits of virtual production technology, Animatrik recently recruited a group of high school students from Saskatchewan to help perform an occlusion stress test on the LEI/Giant system.

Giant enables filmmakers to control and make decisions about virtual camera moves while production crew is still on set – even when working out previs. Using this sophisticated toolset, Animatrik was able to capture a record-breaking 21 performers in a single live capture volume.

In order to try and ‘Break the System’, we kitted out 11 volunteers in motion capture suits and led them onto our Vancouver stage. We then had the remaining casual-clothed students join in and bring out their best dance moves, all to determine if Giant could handle having so many bodies block the motion capture cameras.

The students tried their hardest – and brought out their wackiest dance routines – but still couldn’t break the system! Watch our full video compilation to see the class in action.

Csilla Szaraz