Join the Conversation: Visual Disruptors

Join the conversation: Visual disruptors, including our very own president Brett Ineson, explore new tools and techniques in filmmaking. Watch this informative roundtable discussion from SIGGRAPH 2018. 


As part of Unreal Engine’s epic visual disruptors spotlight, we joined forces with Stargate Studios, Halon Entertainment, and Fox VFX Lab to present a roundtable about the ins and outs of virtual production. 

President and CTO of Animatrik, Brett Ineson, joins the discussion fashionably late at SIGGRAPH 2018. In this video, he reveals the impact of virtual production on traditional pipelines and how it helps Animatrik visualize motion capture faster (and easier) than ever before. Using tools like Unreal Engine, filmmakers are now able to view CG characters side by side with a live performance in real-time. 

“Unreal Engine is permeating pretty much all of our process now, in a way. We’re doing camera tracking and set extensions, or straight up motion capture, running the characters live through Unreal.” – President and CTO of Animatrik, Brett Ineson.

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Csilla Szaraz