Think Tank Training Centre Gets the Animatrik Experience!

Animatrik hosted a day trip for students of the Think Tank Training Centre to get to grips with motion capture technology. The students got the chance to experience real-time mocap for the first time at the largest independent motion capture stage in North America.


Continuing the trend of inviting students along to teach them the ins and outs of virtual production, Animatrik were delighted to host students from the Think Tank Training Centre at their Vancouver studios last week for a day of motion capture antics!

Established in 2005, the Think Tank Training Centre is a state of the art school which utilizes the latest software and technology to teach the next generation of CG and VFX professionals. 

During their trip to Animatrik Film Design, they were given an introduction to the technology and then taken through an average day on a motion capture sound stage. After going through the process of “ROMing in” and getting into the motion capture suits, they were put through their paces with some basic movement drills. Once they got the hang of things, the students were transformed into a variety of creatures and giant monsters and were projected on-screen, in real-time, though Unreal Engine.

This experience thrilled the students and they are very excited about the future holds not only for themselves but also for the motion capture field in general! Check out some of the pictures of their day below…

Csilla Szaraz