"Unspooled":Brett Ineson Guest Stars on Movie Review Podcast

Our CEO, Brett Ineson, joined the critically acclaimed movie review podcast, Unspooled, as a special guest this week where he discussed motion capture and the early uses of CG in The Lord of the Rings.


Brett joined podcast co-hosts, Paul Scherr and Amy Nicholson, as they delved into the behind-the-scenes world of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. During the podcast, they discuss in detail what it took to create such a detailed and CG heavy universe like Middle-earth for Lord of the Rings. Specifically, the level of detail and sophistication needed to bring the CG character of Gollum to life via motion capture.

Andy Serkis, the mocap actor behind Gollum, was the key to creating such a fully-realized animated character. Animators would have to study the raw footage of Andy in order to capture each muscle movement and then recreate each detail through the digital character. 

Focusing on what makes each of AFI’s Top 100 movies of all time so special, the podcast dissects iconic film scenes. Paul and Amy also speak with artists and industry experts to discover just how these films got made.

You can listen to the full episode of the ‘Unspooled’ podcast here.

Csilla Szaraz